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Idealcombi aluminium corner window

A glass to glass corner window is a great way to maximise your view and add a dash of contemporary design to your building project.

The glass to glass corner window can be supplied with either double or triple glazing and is available in both our Futura+ range and in the Frame IC and Nation IC ranges.

An Idealcombi Futura+ glass to glass corner window works well in conjunction with a sliding door or double sliding door to create that all-glass expression.
The 53 mm uniform aluminium profiles are the same as the outward opening Futura+ windows and inward opening Futura+i windows.

Corner window sizes

The glass to glass corners are all made to measure with a maximum height of 2400 mm.

The widths of the two sides combined can be no more than 2000 mm in total. That means you can for example have 1500 mm on one side and 500 mm on the other or 800 mm on one side and 1200 mm on the other.

If you have any questions regarding the corner windows, we are always ready to answer your questions.


As all glass to glass corner windows are made bespoke, for each project, it is not possible to give a list price. We are, however, more than happy to give you a quote for your bespoke corner window. Follow the link below and upload your drawings for a free quote.

Glass to glass corner window
in a project by Figure 1 Architects
Photography: Emanuelis Stasiatis

The internal finish of the corner window is painted or clear lacquer FCS® certified, finger jointed timber.