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Windows and doors developed by the North Sea!

Idealcombi windows and doors are known as the best in Denmark, chosen for builders’ and architects’ own homes. A strong attention to detail has been developed over the last 50 years, in the family owned factory, which is now the largest window factory in Denmark.

The Idealcombi range of windows and doors includes both contemporary windows and traditional windows, as well as front doors, terrace doors and sliding doors.

Technical innovations, such as Idealcore™, has seen Idealcombi leap ahead when it comes to thermal performance and aesthetics.

When the Danish west coast is your daily test-lab, you are automatically forced to try a little harder.



Our experienced surveyor will measure all openings and liaise with you and/or your builder to calculate all the necessary deductions to ensure your windows and doors will fit perfectly.


At the Idealcombi factory in Denmark, our team crafts and manufactures your bespoke windows. Once the windows are assembled, they are carefully packaged on pallets, wrapped for transport, and then shipped to your project site.


Our installer will provide all the necessary materials to install, secure, and seal your windows within their respective openings. Additionally, we will review site access requirements and any necessary lifting equipment to ensure a smooth installation process.

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What makes our products different?

Idealcore™, the durable material embedded within our windows and doors, is a key feature of our products. Crafted from polyurethane, the rebate remains unaffected by water exposure, ensuring a robust 70-year lifespan. This exceptional material offers outstanding insulation, with a low lambda value of 0.074 W/mK, effectively eliminating thermal bridging and surpassing energy performance standards.

Furthermore, the solid construction of the idealcore™ rebate eliminates the need for drain holes, providing a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that deters nesting by pests. This imperishable material significantly extends the lifespan of windows and doors.

All idealcore™ frames come with a 25-year warranty against rot and fungus.

  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Does not need replacing

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We are thrilled to invite you to our latest exhibition, showcasing cutting-edge products and groundbreaking ideas. As a token of our appreciation for you, we are offering free tickets to all of our exhibitions. Additionally, we understand your eagerness to stay ahead of the curve, so we are also providing the option to pre-book tickets for any upcoming events!