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Floor to ceiling windows are a great way to maximise the view from your home, add more natural daylight and give the illusion of more space. And they can help you gain solar heat to save on the heating bills during the colder months.

Idealcombi Futura+ fixed light windows used to extend the views through the house

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Idealcombi Futura+ full height patio door

Whether you choose an inward or outward opening window or terrace door or a fixed light the external visual appearance will be the same. The slim 53 mm sightlines are uniform across openings – as seen above and below.

Large Futura+ fixed window with two smaller inward opening Futura+i tilt-turn on each side

At Idealcombi we operate with a simple two-options pricing structure.

An Idealcombi Futura+ terrace door on the left, a number of narrow fixed lights in the middle and a Nation IC fully glazed front door on the right.

Below is the internal view showing how the oak frames dictate the height of the windows and doors.