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Double sliding doors

When you are building your dream home, you want to get the most of both the indoor space as well as the outdoor space. That is why we have design a double sliding door with low threshold for easy access for the whole family. The Frame IC/Nation IC double sliding door has easy running sliders and multi locking point espagnolette that holds the door tightly onto the seals for great weather tightness.

Max width, height and clear opening

The low threshold Frame IC / Nation IC Double Sliding Door is easy to operate with just a single handle on each sash. It rolls easily on double rollers and have a maximum clear opening of 3061 mm – providing a great gateway to the outside. The overall maximum height is 2485 mm and maximum width is 6718 mm.


Triple glazing in the sliding part
UD= 0,91 W/m²K

Double glazing in the sliding part
UD= 1,18 W/m2

External profile to match your windows

The Idealcombi low threshold sliding door is available with a Frame IC or Nation IC external aluminium profile.

The matching external profile ensures a consistent look throughout your build.

A Futura+ look-a-like profile is also available including styling bars for projects where Futura+ windows has been specified.
(The Futura+ look-a-like profile is NOT 53 mm, it is merely a different look)

As with our windows, the Frame IC looks like a traditional wooden glazing bead finish while the Nation IC has a glazing putty look to it.

View all technical drawings on our products website,
Single handle operation for ease of use

The ironmongery and the multiple locking points ensure a great seal onto the frame when the door is closed. The tight seal means less air changes of your house and lower cost for heating – it is ideal for passive house and other eco house projects.
Upon opening, the door protrudes 8mm to allow friction-less sliding on the outside of the fixed light.

The fixed light on either side of the door is always supplied as triple glazed, as a step toward creating better homes. With triple glazed in the sliding part, the U-value is just 0.91 W/m²K and 1.18 W/m²K for double glazed.

The Frame IC / Nation IC Sliding Door is also available as a single sliding door.

Low threshold for easy access

Frame IC / Nation IC sliding door low threshold