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Durable and big aluminium windows

Following on from the success of manufacturing steel windows, wood windows and alu clad windows, window manufacturers started making all aluminium windows as a virtual maintenance free alternative.

The aluminium frames and sashes were strong and made it easy to manufacture big contemporary windows. But they were far from the energy windows of today.

One of the big disadvantages with all aluminium windows is the poor energy efficiency – without a thermal break in the design the inside temperature gets too low and makes the windows prone to condensation. Aluminium windows today, often offer a thermal break to increase performance.

Modern aluminium composite windows benefit from the no maintenance exterior, provide a great thermal break and have a wooden internal frame for extra warmth of feel.

Inward opening tilt and turn aluminium windows

By utilising Idealcore™ Idealcombi is able to manufacture slimline aluminium windows with tilt and turn functionality, with great thermal performance. The inward opening windows and doors in the Futura+i  product range are made up of aluminium | Idealcore™ | aluminium.

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