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A spacier home with patio doors

Inward and outward opening patio doors allow easy access to balconies, terraces and garden areas.
Available as double doors, a big opening can easily be achieved for bringing the indoors and outdoors together. 

Idealcombi patio doors usually have the same aluminium profiles as the matching window series, this means you get a uniform look across windows and terrace doors across your home.

Single terrace doors and double terrace doors are available with a locking handle for added security in your home.

Outward opening terrace doors

Easy access to balconies, terraces and patios.

Inward opening terrace doors

Perfect for Juliet balconies and french doors.

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Sliding doors

As an alternative to the inward and outward opening patio doors, sliding doors can be considered if space is limited.

Having a combination of terrace doors and sliding doors is no problem – with all having the same slim 53 mm aluminium profile.