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Choosing between outward opening and inward opening windows

At Idealcombi we believe in architectural freedom and that function should not compromise the form. We understand it can be confusing whether to choose inward or outward opening windows for your project. That is why we have created a small summary of the pros and cons of both inward and outward opening windows. If the below does not answer your questions you are more than welcome to get in touch for personal assistance.

If you are a commercial architect, you can read more in our blog post:
Specifying windows for high rise buildings.

If I choose inward opening windows?

Idealcombi Futura+i is avalable Tilt & Turn functionality as standard – meaning they either open inward as a side hung window or tilt inward as a bottom hung window. The switch between Tilt and Turn mode is done with a single handle.

Inward opening windows are easy to clean from the inside – as they open into your home. (Turn mode)

Tilted inward in ventilation position the tilt & turn window has a small gap at the top providing ventilation.

Items on the internal windows sills can stay when you tilt the window for ventilation – but must be removed when you turn the window to clean the outside glass.

Inward opening windows allows the use of external shutters, flyscreens and balustrades.

See video below for an example of automated external shutters with inward opening Futura+i windows in a PassivHaus, The Old Water Tower.

Futura+i inward opening window for a juliet balcony alongside topguided Futura+ windows

If I choose outward opening windows?

Idealcombi Futura+, Frame IC & Nation IC are all outward opening windows with Futura+ being  contemporary windows and Frame IC and Nation IC traditional windows with a flush casement.

With the sash opening out, it is possible to have plants and blinds/curtains on the inside of the window.

For ventilation the outward opening windows can be restricted by a build in night latch, an opening restrictor or by the handle operated brake.

The outward opening windows are available in a range of opening functions; top guided, top swing (reversible), side guided and side hung. Where top swing and side guided allows cleaning from the inside.

Idealcombi Futura+ outward opening window and fixed light

What looks best? Inward or outward opening windows?

Traditionally inward opening windows were chunky and did not match the slim profiles of outward opening windows – but with the introduction of Idealcore™ Idealcombi was able to produce both inward opening and outward opening windows with the same slim 53mm aluminium profile.

In the image below you can see how a fixed light, an outward opening window and an inward opening window all looks identical. This gives you the freedom to choose the opening type you require for each room of your project.

Mixed use of inward and outward opening windows
53mm powder coated aluminium profiles.