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Idealcombi Futura+

A contemporary window system with a slim 53 mm powder coated aluminium profile and the innovative idealcore™ for optimal energy performance with u-values from 0.74 W/m2K for a European standard size test window. For larger windows u-values can go as low as 0.59 W/m2K.

The idealcore™ of the Idealcombi windows are not just for thermal performance. The use of idealcore™ eliminates cavities, drainage holes and protects the internal timber from the weather and water.

No other composite window system with slim sightlines have matching inward opening windows with the same slim 53 mm aluminium profile. Go to Futura+i to learn more about the inward opening windows and doors of the Futura+ system.


Double glazed window
Indicative u-value 1,31 W/m²K*

Triple glazed window
Indicative u-value 0,74 W/m²K*

*Values for standard European test sizes

Wind and water tightness

Air permeability: Class 4 at ± 600Pa *

Wind load: Class C4 (1600Pa)*

Water tightness: Class E1800 (1800Pa)*

*Values for a top guided Idealcombi Futura+ window

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Elegant and innovative windows

  • Reference u-values: 0.74 W/m²K
  • Made of Timber|idealcore™|Aluminium, since 2010
  • Slim 53mm aluminium profiles ensure maximum glass area and natural light
  • Highly insulated with optimum energy efficiency
  • Double or triple glazed options
  • Awarded Best Windows 2016 at Build It Awards


For all technical drawing and REVIT files for Idealcombi Futura+ go to our product database on

Evolving the window

With Futura+ launched back in 2010, Idealcombi moved on from the traditional alu clad composite windows. The innovative Futura+ window systems use idealcore™ as thermal break to reach outstanding energy performance for a slim profile window.

The use of idealcore™ allows for strong and slim designs with outward opening Futura+ windows and inward opening Futura+i windows to be matched in the same screens, with the same slim 53 mm aluminium sightlines.

Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i are among the most energy efficient, sleek and contemporary design windows on the market. And they’re all Danish design windows manufactured to a high quality standard in the family owned factory on the Danish west coast, next to the North Sea.

Aluminium doors and windows

To keep consistent sightlines across your project we offer a range of patio doors, sliding doors and windows with the same 53mm aluminium profile.

Futura+ offers great versatility and is at the same time an energy efficient aluminium composite window system. Sliding doors are available as push out & slide and as low threshold sliding doors. Patio doors are available with different thresholds as well.

Our aluminium doors and windows are available powder coated RAL colours or aluminium anodised finishes.

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Idealcombi Futura+ double glazed composite window
Idealcombi Futura+ triple glazed composite window

Opening functions

The Idealcombi Futura+ system is available in a range of opening functions with the same 53 mm aluminium profile;