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PureView Warranty

Products are manufactured from raw materials of the highest quality using the most up to date and modern production techniques. The products are warranted against

PureView Installation

Idealcombi Direct or an Approved PureView installer (please ask your Sales Coordinator for more information) must install PureView systems. For more information on installation and

PureView Delivery

Deliveries are collected directly from our partners factory and taken directly to site. The delivery vehicle used will be dependant on the size and specification

PureView Glazing

Standard Specifications 6mm toughened, low ‘e’ 24mm warm edge spacer, argon, 6mm toughened Ug-Value: 1.2 W/m²K Light Transmission: 79 Solar Factor (g): 66 8mm toughened, low

PureView Technical overview

The PureView system delivers a solution to the most rigorous of building requirements. Pocket sliding doors, sliding open corners, fixed framed and glass to glass

Courtyard House

A fantastic transformation from single storey bungalow to contemporary, light filled living spaces. The large Idealcombi Futura+ windows and sliding doors provide great views to


Upper Hayne Farm

Replacing a redundant agricultural worker’s bungalow, this 210m² dwelling is situated in the beautiful countryside with views over the gently rising hills around Brill. Extensive use


Danish Custom Build

In this contemporary Danish design home the mixed use of Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i allows for inward opening and outward opening to be used together


Lane End, East Sussex

  A lovely project in East Sussex on a plot with fantastic views. Idealcombi Futura+ contemporary windows have been used throughout the house. In the


King’s Crescent Estate Phases 1 & 2

Kings Crescent Estate Phases 1 & 2 is 269 new homes and refurbishment of 101 existing homes of 5 to 12 storeys in height. The master

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