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Alu clad windows - Aluminium/Wood

Combi Frame aluminium cladded timber window

Aluminium clad windows was the first attempt to extend the lifespan and minimise maintenance required of the traditional timber windows.
And it worked very well – the aluminium profiles made it possible to have durable powder coated RAL or sable colours or even anodised aluminium finishes.

The external aluminium profile protected the timber construction against the weather and did significantly reduce the need for maintenance.
With drainage holes in the aluminium profiles water was efficiently led away from any wooden part of the window.
The drainage, however, had a tendency do block over time and cause standing water in the aluminium – this could lead water to the timber and cause rot.

Idealcombi Contura alu clad window

Although the aluminium cladding minimised maintenance and extended the lifespan it did not add any thermal benefits to the design.
Idealcombi therefore invented the first generation of alu composite windows with a thermal break allowing better energy performance while maintaining the durable aluminium cladding and the internal warm to the touch timber.

Combi Nation, Combi Frame and Futura Classic