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We believe the time has come to build better homes!

Build your house to last - with better materials & guidance from your suppliers.

Developed for a market at the forefront of technical, aesthetic and sustainable living our windows will help you build your dream home.

Product design

Idealcombi’s product range exceeds competition in a number of areas.

  • Expected lifespan of 70+ years with correct maintenance.
  • Unmatched energy performance for slim profile windows.
  • Slim 53 mm sightlines across inward and outward opening windows/doors.
  • Thermal break, Idealcore™, with twice the efficiency of timber and will never perish.
  • Multiple product lines to suit your build. Contemporary/Traditionel
  • Bespoke solutions for every project – with many creative possibilities.
  • Available with RAL, Granite or Anodized aluminium finishes.

Still Manufactured in Denmark

Unlike other “Danish windows”, Idealcombi’s windows and doors are in fact still made in Denmark. In the North West close to Thy National Park and the North Sea, Idealcombi’s family owned factory is still a big part of the local community.

The gale force winds, the cold and wet weather by the North Sea is why high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are still at the heart of everything we do – to produce the best windows possible.

The cousins Mikael Søgaard (Left) and Martin Søgaard are the second generation to run the company and factory their fathers built in 1973.

These are the reasons many architects and builders use Idealcombi products for their own homes. The best of the best.

Better Windows. Better Service.

At Idealcombi we believe better homes require better windows and that those windows should come with a better service.

That is why we now offer a wider range of services. On top of our initial quote we can also provide; site survey, installation, aluminium cill pressings, design drawings, structural calculations and more.

Site survey and installation to eliminate any worry about ordering the right size windows and doors for your project.

Warranty and Product Lifespan

All Idealcombi products come with a 10-year warranty. The warranties apply to products installed in the United Kingdom and Denmark.

An ideal combination of material ensures a very long lifespan of our second generation composite windows. Expect 75 years or more, with proper maintenance.

Make sure you read the maintenance guidelines for your windows and doors in the manual we send you before your windows are delivered on site.