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Scandinavian Windows made in Denmark

On the Danish west coast, in Hurup, we get more rain than the rest of Denmark. We also have lower temperatures and it is windier, with the winds sweeping across the North Sea.

This is where our family owned window factory is located, the largest window factory in Denmark. And this is where we design and manufacture our windows.

Developing windows in tough conditions like these means “That’ll do!” just never does it.
At Idealcombi we pride ourselves of making Scandinavian windows with style, thermal performance and a long lifespan. It’s all in the detail.
Read more about the history of the family owned company founded in 1973.

The cousins Martin & Mikael Søgaard (pictured above) are the second generation to take over the Danish window factory, stated by their respective fathers. Learn more about the Idealcombi history.

Quality in everything we do

From the outset in 1973, high quality windows and good craftsmanship were important values for the founders. Over the years Idealcombi has evolved the traditional timber window to require less maintenance, have better thermal performance and a significant longer lifespan. Expect 70 years or more.