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Choosing passive house windows

When choosing windows for your eco-build or PassivHaus certified project you will need to look into air-tightness, insulating properties of the window system, solar gain and of course the design of the windows.

Idealcombi windows and doors are popular among self-builders pursuing an energy efficient home. Especially the relatively new outward opening Frame IC and Nation IC with triple glazing is a popular choice along with the contemporary Futura+i triple glazed inward opening windows as seen in The Old Water Tower project. 
All three window systems have one thing in common - sealant can be applied to the front of the frame, allowing for a very airtight seal. 

Outward opening "frameless" passive house windows?

Even with a “frameless” window system as the Idealcombi Futura+ you get u-values from just 0.74 W/m²K for a European standard size window – and as low a 0.59 W/m²K for a large fixed light.

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PassivHaus explained in 90 sec

Watch the video below to learn how a passive house works and what you should consider when building an energy efficient home.

Even if you are not going for the passive house certificate on your house, you can benefit from building to a passive house standard.

Passive house certified windows

If you are aiming for a PassivHaus certified build – Idealcombi can supply all the necessary values to get your project certified. We will even work directly with your passive house consultant to ensure a great result.

You do not need to choose certified PassivHaus windows to achieve a passive house certified build – as long as you meet the required performance values you are good to go.

If you have any questions about your passive house project we are always happy to help.

The Old Water Tower PassivHaus certified self-build.

PassivHaus windows for small and large houses

At Idealcombi we believe in creating better homes, that is why we put great pride in supplying windows for innovative and groundbreaking passive house projects in the UK.

2019 saw the completion of Goldsmith Street in Norwich, the largest passive house social housing project in the UK.

In London Agar Grove in Camden is being fitted with Idealcombi windows, also to meet passive house standards.

Goldsmith Street and Agar Grove are fitted with Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i respectively.

Goldsmith Street is the Largest PassivHaus social housing scheme in the UK
Agar Grove - Passive house estate in Camden, London