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Frame I - Inward opening window with glazing bead marking

Frame I is the inward opening addition to Denmark's first original frame / sash timber aluclad window, CombiFrame, which was developed as a maintenance-free and durable alternative to the original wooden window with external glazing beads.

The external aluminum profile in the inward opening Frame IC, as the outward opening sister product is now called, has over the years mimicked the wooden window's harmonious lines and structure with a glazing bead marking strip and the window is today used for all types of construction in both new builds and renovations.

And now the window is also available as an inward opening product with the same outer visual frame sash dimension, and can therefore be placed in the same facade without much visual difference.

This gives architectural freedom to combine different opening features ... without compromising on design.

Frame I is designed with a sash level similar to that of the outward opening sash, which gives a slimmer look and a better light incidence.

A quick overview:

  • Well-known interior and exterior designs
  • Wood inside and aluminum profile outside
  • Double seal for increased insulation
  • 3-layer low-energy windows
  • With or without profile keel for the desired interior style
  • FSC® certified heartwood - finger-jointed and quality optimized
  • Can be delivered with handle-operated brake
  • Can be combined with Frame IC
  • Possibility of coupling of units
  • Possibility of combination units
  • Sash in level with outside frame gives slimmer expression and better light incidence.
  • Choose between 122 and 149 mm frame depth
  • 10 year standard warranty
  • Complies with Danish BR20

Functions and energy values:

Available in the following functions:

Turn/Tilt, Tilt/Turn, Tilt, Turn and Fixed frame

Turn/Tilt, Tilt/Turn, Turn


Energy values:

3-layer pane

Eref = up to +13.3 kWh/m²

U-value = down to 0.82 W/m²K