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2017 Idealcombi Futura+

2nd gen composite windows

At Idealcombi, “that’ll do!” never does it. That is why we keep searching for new solutions and keep improving on what we have. When Idealcombi in 2010 introduced the use of idealcore™ in the Futura range – The Futura+ window was born!
Marking the beginning of the second generation composite windows.

Introducing idealcore™ eliminated issues found in traditional composite windows and improved thermal performance, ease of maintenance and expected lifespan.

idealcore™ is not only a fantastic thermal break – it is also a strong, imperishable material that has no cavities for dirt and insects to hide in. Making the frame rebate very smooth and easy to clean. No water will get close to the timber part of the internal frame as no timber is exposed.

Inward opening contemporary windows

As an alternative to the outward opening Futura+ Idealcombi launced the Futua+i with the same slim 53 mm sightlines but inward opening. 

Meaning you can choose your desired opening function without compromising the aesthetics of your house. 

Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening profile

The Futura+i is a unique inward opening window – a slim profile and high energy efficiency makes it suitable as Passive House windows

For sleek, energy efficient, contemporary windows – you will find no match for Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i – the second generation composite windows!  

Traditional flush casement windows

Idealcombi Nation IC

In 2016 Idealcombi introduced the PUR in the traditional window series Frame and Nation – launching Frame IC and Nation IC.

This means that you can benefit from our innovative windows solutions whether you are after contemporary windows or traditional window for your new-build, conversion or renovation project.

Idealcombi Futura+ sliding doors and outward opening windows

For Commercial AND Domestic use

Galaxy House, London

Regardless if you are working on a Domestic or a Commercial project – our composite windows will be suitable.

The quality will always be at the same high level and the slim sightlines allows unrivalled architectural freedom to choose opening functions as you wish.

The magic ingredient PUR

In the pursuit of the perfect window we introduced the use of PUR back in 2010. PUR is known from many other products such as running shoes, sofas, mattresses, cars, toys and many, many more areas.

The PUR used in Idealcombi windows and doors has twice the insulation efficiency of pine wood. That is the reason we can have 53 mm slim profiles and still have PassivHaus friendly u-values.

The thermal break is so good that the internal temperature is significantly higher than with traditional timber or composite windows. 

Use of PUR significantly increases the internal temperature

Second generation composite windows checklist

  • No exposed timber
  • No cavities in thermal construction
  • Imperishable material in the frame
  • Highly recyclable materials
  • Better thermal performance than timber