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Idealcombi Futura+ with 53mm slim external alu and PUR thermal break

Danish design windows through 50 years

Since the beginning in a barn in 1973 all Idealcombi’s windows and doors has been based on quality.

The strong desire to manufacture a  high quality product has lead Idealcombi through a number of window designs.
From wood windows, evolving to alu clad wood windows, before introducing the early composite windows that lead to the modern second generation composite window using Idealcore™ thermal break.

Today all product design, testing and manufacturing is done in our factory on the Danish west coast – which also works as a great test-lab for our windows and doors for both domestic and commercial projects.

A handle with character and personality

The Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i handle is designed by the danish design duo Smedegarrd & Weis and a lot of thought has gone into this beautiful and unique handle.
At Idealcombi quality is the main ingredient in everything we do – therefore we needed a handle that reflected our values and attitude towards a high level of quality as well as functional and user-friendly products.

“We feel Idealcombi’s handle is unique and stands apart by being more poetic and decorative than what you see on other windows. It is also industrial, functional and has a rugged high quality expression. The handle’s stringent yet soft form gives it character without being dominating. The balance between its stringent, industrial side and soft nature, fitting humans hands in a range of sizes, is the handle’s clear strength.”
Birgitte Smedegaard & Sine Weis Damkjær

Danish weather and windows

On the Danish west coast the weather is wetter, colder and windier than in the rest of Denmark – it is in these condition we perfect our windows.

The average temperature in Denmark is just 7.7°C* compared to 12.25°C in London – with Jan and Feb being the coldest months. This means thermal efficiency is of utmost importance in reducing energy bills and improving the indoor living environment.

With a prevailing western wind and the west coast receiving more rain than the rest of Denmark, weather permeability and air-tightness are equally important.

*) Learn more on Visit Denmark

The wide sandy beaches of the northern west coast are also known as Cold Hawaii

Design and function

Weather is not always tough on the Danish west coast. And on those lovely summer or winter days when you need fresh air – it’s important that you can ventilate your home in a safe way.
That’s why most of Idealcombi’s products come with handle operated ventilation positions as standard – it’s all about the quality…. of life.

Even though our windows and doors are of high quality and packed with features they are still among the slimmest in the market, with an external profile of only 53 mm for the contemporary Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i.

The combination of Danish design, the rough weather, strict building regulations and a strong focus on quality makes Danish windows so attractive – and with Idealcombi windows and doors being the best in Denmark – we are also proud to be among the very best in the world.

Skilled local workforce

To manufacture great windows you need great people, and even though Idealcombi is on the west coast, we manage to attract a skilled work force. Which means Idealcombi brings many people to the local community and the surrounding towns.

The 115.000 m² factory is 850 metres long and everyone who drives by on their way to Cold Hawaii will notice it is there.