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Window colours

The colours of your new windows are not only a question of taste – it is just as much about finding something that goes with the architecture and style of the building.
On the inside, you can go with your personal taste but, as painting windows involves a lot of work it is a good idea not to choose trendy colours, but classic or neutral colours that you will not get tired of quickly.

15 Standard RAL colours

Idealcombi’s windows and doors are available in 15 different standard colours (RAL colours) with a matte or gloss finish. It is also possible to order special colours which will incur additional cost. It is even possible to combine two colours on the inside and the outside or even one colour on the frame and another on the sash – contact us for more information about a combined choice of colours.
We also supply the highly popular sandblasted and annodised surfaces for our wood-aluminium products.  These treatments of the aluminium screens give the surface structure and depth.
Please note that the colours on the screen can be deceiving and are only an approximation to the original RAL colours. Your final choice of colour and surface should always be based on an authorised RAL colour chart or a surface sample. For colour samples, please contact our sales department.

Black (RAL 9005)
Black Grey (RAL 7021)
Antracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Traffic Grey B (RAL 7043)
Slate Grey (RAL 7015)
Basalt Grey (RAL 7012)
Traffic Grey A (RAL 7042)
Umbra Grey (RAL 7022)
Mahogany Brown (RAL 8016)
Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Grey White (RAL 9002)
Red Brown (RAL 3011)
Creme White (RAL 9001)
Pure White (RAL 9010)
Bottle Green (RAL 6007)

IC Granite colours

As alternative to the plain RAL colours Idealcombi offers a range of textured finishes.
Note that colours on the screen cannot be expected to be accurate.
You are welcome to request colour samples by contacting the Idealcombi team.

IC Granite 01
IC Granite 30
IC Granite 40
IC Granite 60
IC Granite 70
IC Granite 80
Backdoor with Satinato obscured glass


All Idealcombi product ranges come with low-energy panes and “warm edge” spacer technology as standard, which minimise the loss of cold in window perimeter areas. This leads to greater indoor comfort and reduces the heating bill considerably. Moreover, we also supply modern glass, which performs a wide range of functions such as noise reduction, solar protection, opaqueness and security.

There are many solutions and they are not necessarily expensive. Consult your dealer or our sales consultants directly so that you are guaranteed a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Design glazing

Less transparency may be a good idea in some places in your home – e.g. in the bathroom, the hall. We have a range of contemporary styles and trends in design glazing. If you cannot find your preferred choice in our range, you are welcome to contact our Sales Department for other possible solutions.

Obscured glass

Matt Laminated
Clear Glass C
Analok 549
Analok 547
Analok 545
Analok 543
Analok 541