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FSC® certified timber

All timber used in Idealcombi windows and doors is FSC® certified, and we use  a minimum of 90% heartwood (the most resinous part of the tree) in all external surfaces and rebates exposed to the weather, which offers excellent protection against wet and dry rot.

No more knots

In the 1990’s, Idealcombi introduced finger jointing of the wood (i.e. the removal of knots and damage), the effect being that the wood we use is structurally stable and beautiful to look at.

Mortice and tenon joints

All our frames and sashes are joined by using tenons and glue – a traditional craftsman’s method that, in terms of stability and life, by far exceeds the use of dowels.



Composite windows are the modern solution for consumers looking for windows and doors with an extra long life span, requiring minimal maintenance. The wood is not exposed to the elements because of the protective layer constructed in smooth powder coated aluminium and strong PUR. The surface is very durable and comes in both gloss, matt and metallic finishes. All our wood-aluminium series have a composite or PUR core, which increases the energy efficiency of the windows and doors and prolongs their lives. The original wooden look has been preserved internally.



Futura+i comes with beautiful, smooth powder-coated aluminium profiles on both sides. The surfaces do not require any maintenance and are extremely easy to clean using a damp cloth. Futura+i comes with a PUR core, which increases the energy efficiency of the windows and doors and prolongs their lives.



All Idealcombi composite windows have an imperishable core of PUR (polyurethane). The core prevents thermal bridging between the external aluminium and the internal wooden or aluminium parts and ensures a reduced heat loss, higher temperatures in perimeter areas and less condensation. The thermal efficiency of PUR is twice as good as timber – which is already a great material. This means we are able to manufacture a slim window system with great thermal performance.

The durability of the material means that the frame rebates and “wet zones” of the windows do not require any maintenance other than a regular clean, and so the life of the window will be much greater.



All Idealcombi’s fittings and handles are of top quality and underline the functionality of the elements. They also help make the windows and doors particularly resistant to intruders thanks to their solid structure and design.


General maintenance

In general, Idealcombi windows and doors require a minimum of maintenance. External surfaces should be cleaned with lukewarm water and a neutral cleaning fluid to remove any dirt and grime. Movable parts should be lubricated as required, at least once a year. Keeping hinge sliders, guides, weather strips, etc. free from dust and dirt will ensure smooth operation for years to come. In due time, the windows & doors may need adjusting during the change of climate. Please note: this is not covered within our warranty – please refer to our user manual for information on maintenance and how to adjust the windows or doors.