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Idealcombi Futura+ double sliding door

Idealcombi Sliding Doors

A sliding door is a great way to open up your home and unite spaces for greater quality of life.

Frame IC / Nation IC Sliding Doors
In our Frame IC / Nation IC range you will find a single low threshold sliding door and double low threshold sliding door with external aluminium profiles to match the windows accordingly.

Two low threshold sliding doors in a Passive House

PureView Sliding Doors

If you are after the ultimate view and great big openings with multiple sliding door panes, we have the perfect system for you called PureView.
The PureView sliding door system is a collaboration with Birmingham based Ultraline, resulting in large luxurious sliding doors with up to 4 tracks, up to 8 large panes and up to 16,8 metre wide apertures.

For best advice on choosing the best options for your project, get in touch today or request a free window quote.