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Idealcombi windows

In all we do, quality is the main ingredient. Our windows are designed, manufactured and tested to exceed Danish standards. 
Our experts are always ready to help with your project and tell you more about our pricing structure – and explain what services are included when you get a quote.

The right style for your build

Whether you are endeavouring a new-build, renovation, conversion or extension project we have the right window for you.
Slim sightlines or traditional flush casement – both styles with high energy performance and good quality.

Triple glazing

All Idealcombi windows are available with double or triple glazing and with super low-E, triple glazed windows gets reference u-values of just 0.74 W/m²K

More about triple glazed windows

Passive House Windows

With low u-values and very good air-tightness both Idealcombi Futura+, Futura+i, Frame IC and Nation IC windows can be used for passive house builds.

More about Passive House windows

Inward opening windows
Inward opening tilt-turn windows are great for ventilation and can easily be cleaned from the inside.

Find inspiration in our project in our custom & self build gallery.

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