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Idealcombi Futura+ composite window

Early composite windows

To solve the problem with poor energy efficiency of the alu clad windows Idealcombi introduced the aluminium and wood composite windows.

The composite thermal break between the timber frame and the external aluminium profile significantly increased the thermal performance of the windows, whilst maintaining a non perishable frame rebate.

Idealcombi Futura+

Combined with a triple glazed pane the composite window became a true energy window.

The external aluminium profile and the composite thermal break meant the timber was well protected against rot. 
Water was drained away through draining holes and channels within the aluminium/composite profile. 

Over the years lack of maintenance of the composite windows meant that dirt and dead insects in some cases could block the drain holes, causing water to find its way to the timber frame and cause problems.

Second Generation Composite
During research and innovative product development Idealcombi found a solution to the problem, with the introduction of Idealcore™ thermal break in the second generation composite windowsFutura+, Futura+iFrame IC and Nation IC.