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Internal finishes for windows and doors

Internally you will find a range of finishes for Idealcombi Futura+ windows – depending on the build. Often homebuilders try to finish internal walls onto the window frame, to hide the frame as much as possible. 

This means you can have Futura+ windows that, from the inside, look like they have barely any frame at all – making Futura+ the best choice for a contemporary minimalist look.

Clear lacquer internal finish
Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening window
Window board almost flush with the timber frame
Internal walls are finished flush with the timber window frames
Idealcombi Futura+ glass to glass corner corner window
Idealcombi Futura+ gable end window
Idealcombi Futura+ floor to ceiling windows

Internal door finishes

Getting the floor flush with the threshold of sliding doors, with 70 mm threshold, creates the illusion of a low threshold. This will still require a small step out to the outside surface. 

Below are examples of internal finish for different door types.


Flooring finished flush with the threshold of the double sliding door
Futura+ sliding door
Flush panel entrance door with a side light.
Fully glazed entrance door with obscured glass
Low threshold sliding to with wooden flooring
Futura+i aluminium composite tilt and turn door