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About Idealcombi - the danish window company

Idealcombi is a Danish, family owned business with a strong focus on producing high quality windows and doors.

Below you will find more about our values and mission.


The beacon in the Danish window industry

Our mission is:

  • To generate profits and maintain independence
  • To focus on the customer with eye level consultancy
  • To maintain Danish jobs
  • To achieve a high degree of focus on costs
  • To manufacture our products with respect for the environment
  • To be innovative in terms of products and production


Our vision is clear and based on the following five key action areas:

  • Quality – in everything that we do
  • Supply – we deliver on our promises
  • Costs – that create value
  • Market – development generates growth
  • Employees & health and safety at work – in the spotlight


...paving the way for attitudes and culture

Idealcombi’s values define the fundamental attitude and culture that the company wants to serve as the foundation for its employees in their working lives and to be visible to customers, partners and stakeholders.


Our values:

  • Quality in everything that we do
  • Reliability
  • Unity and loyalty
  • Respect for one another
  • Positive atmosphere


Idealcombi actively considers the environment in every phase of production. Our environmental policy aims at ensuring that we revise and optimise our production processees on an ongoing basis so that we continuously make sure to keep our energy consumption and adverse environmental impact at a minimum.
Furthermore, we develop our products constantly to ensure that they comply with the environmental standards and requirements that society and legislation lay down for us all as citizens. Idealcombi’s products rank among the most energy-efficient in the market.

We use FSC®-certified wood from sustainable forestry. Waste wood from production is used for heating our own boilers, while aluminium waste is recycled. Glazing waste is also recycled.
We apply the most environment-friendly products for all types of wood surface treatment. For instance, we have introduced the 2ØKO surface treatment system for all external and exposed wooden elements on windows and doors. The wood is primed with a fungicide as an alternative to the traditional porosity sealing, which contains turpentine as a solvent. All the surface paint on wooden components is also water-based.