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Agar Grove is set to be the largest PassivHaus scheme in the UK, once complete.

Phase 1a of Agar Grove is now complete and fully occupied. The 38 homes where completed in April 2018 and another 57 homes are currently underway with phase 1b.

Over the last year temperature, air humidity and CO2 levels has been monitored. Average temperature over the winter 2018/2019 was 22ºC, with an air humidity of 40% and very low CO2 levels. A central MVHR is fitted on the roof serving all the apartments, centralising maintenance. Residents can choose between three levels of ventilation in their dwelling.
Feedback from residents after the first winter has been positive, the apartments has been comfortable to live in and needed very little heating.

South facing elevations are optimised for solar gain while balconies provide good summer shading.

Although Idealcombi windows are not PassivHaus certified, the Futura+ and Futura+i series are well suitable for any passive house build. We work closely with architects and consultants to reach the desired results in regard to solar control, airtightness and ventilation.

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Estate regeneration:
The phased regeneration will double the estate’s housing capacity in 6 phases in total and be comprised of mixed tenures including social, intermediate and private sale.
The large, 18 storey, tower is the only building to remain on the estate. Residents will be moved in a single decant to ensure and maintain the community cohesion. When new homes in the Agar Grove estate are ready, residents are rehoused. The old tower will be refurbished, but will be the only building on the estate not to be of PassivHaus standard.

Architect: Hawkins\Brown

New London Architecture Awards 2019 – Overall Winner
New London Architecture Awards 2019 – Sustainability Prize