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Designing energy efficient and versatile window systems is not always enough. Often aesthetics are equally as important a factor.

That is why Idealcombi have developed the Futura+ and Futura+i window systems. Outward opening and inward opening windows with identical external 53 mm sightlines.

Freedom to choose

The uncompromising aesthetics of the Idealcombi Futura+ and Futura+i allow architects to specify windows with the desired opening function across their projects.

Tilt and turn windows and doors, for juliet balconies, have the same look as outward opening windows, fixed lights, terrace doors and sliding doors of the Futura+ range. This gives architects complete freedom in their design. As all products are available as double glazed or triple glazed windows, you can specify triple glazing for the whole or just parts of your project.

It is even possible to have inward and outward opening windows in the same screen – and still maintain the sleek look of the 53 mm profile.

The secret ingredient

Both our Futura+ range and Futura+i range benefits from using the idealcore™ thermal break. This is allows us to design an inward opening window with just 53 mm external aluminium profile.

 Above: Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening window with idealcore™ thermal break.


Idealcore™ has a number of benefits that make it the ideal core of a modern composite window – the thermal properties are twice as good as for timber and traditionally used composite materials. It is completely resistant to water, and moisture and has no cavities or drainage holes.

Above: Idealcombi Futura+ outward opening window with idealcore™ thermal break.


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 Above: Inward opening doors, fixed light windows and outward opening windows. All with 53 mm profiles.


See Idealcombi UK general manager James Hutchins demonstrate the different opening functions in the Futura+ and Futura+i ranges.