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When “That’ll do!” just isn’t good enough!

At Idealcombi we believe in good craftsmanship in everything we do. Since 1973 we have evolved the window, on a journey from complete timber windows, over different composite solutions, to the current second-generation composite windows with idealcore™ thermal break.

The timber window

In 1973 the Søgaard brothers, Bent and Henning, started manufacturing windows in their parents’ barn, near the Danish west coast.

From the beginning, the main focus for the brothers was great craftsmanship and high-quality products. The timber windows they produced were indeed among the best on the danish market.

However, timber windows require regular maintenance in form of paint or stain. This can be time consuming. If maintenance is not carried out regularly, eventually, the timber will deteriorate and require replacement.

The alu-clad window

To extend the lifetime of the window’s most vulnerable part, the frame, Idealcombi added a protective, drained and ventilated, cladding of aluminium. A simple design that some window manufacturer still use today.
In 1988 this made Idealcombi the first window manufacturer in Denmark to provide a low maintenance window with built in weather protection. The aluminium cladding provided great weather protection to the timber an extended the lifetime of the windows greatly. By replacing a part of the frame rebate. the wet zone, with aluminium the main problem with deteriorating timber was solved.

While the aluminium cladding provided great protection, it also acted as a thermal bridge, bringing low temperatures very close to the internal timber frame. This could, in some cases, lead to internal condensation.

The alu-clad contemporary window

To meet the need for a “frameless” contemporary window Idealcombi developed the first Futura window system in 2000.
The design was minimalist and quickly became a popular product, when introduced in the UK.

With the introduction of the Futura, Idealcombi could offer a traditional window series and a contemporary window series, which most other window manufacturers are unable to do.

Like the traditional alu-clad window, the Futura was durable and low maintenance, but did not meet the ever-increasing requirements for thermal performance.

The composite window

By inserting a thermal break between the aluminium front profile and the internal timber frame, in 2006, the thermal performance of the window was vastly improved, whilst maintaining the imperishable materials in the frame rebate.

The extruded profiles of the aluminium and the external aluminium meant there had to be several cavities and holes in the frame, to allow water to drain.
These drainage holes and cavities are great hiding places for dirt and bugs and are prone to be plugged by dirt and dead bugs.
Ironmongery grooves are also great hiding places and makes cleaning the rebate a little trickier.

Composite windows with Idealcore™

Our R&D department kept seeking new ways of improving our windows. The goal was, and still is, a long-lasting windows that requires minimum maintenance.


In 2010 we quietly launched the Futura+ window, not knowing if the market was ready for this futuristic approach or if the window was right for the market.
The Futura+ set a new benchmark for slim line energy performance windows, and still leads the way.

This new type of composite window was based on the use of idealcore™ as a thermal break.


Idealcore™ is a completely new approach to designing thermally efficient window systems. The idealcore™ has twice the insulating properties of both timber and traditional thermal breaks used in composite windows. It is a non-perishable, water resistant and rigid foam, which mean there are no drainage holes, no cavities, it is easier to clean and needs no maintenance.


In 2013 a matching slim-line, inward opening, system was introduced. Idealcombi Futura+i still stands alone in the market, as an energy efficient inward opening window system, with a slim 53mm profile matching that of the Futura+.

The tilt and turn Futura+i system as well as the outward opening Futura+ system are available with both double and triple glazing.

Frame IC & Nation IC

In 2015 the use of idealcore™ was expanded to our traditional window series, Frame IC and Nation IC, increasing the thermal performance as well as the lifespan of the windows.

With a frame rebate of idealcore™ there should be no need to replace the frame for the rest of the building’s lifetime.


At Idealcombi we believe we have found the ideal combination of materials for traditional as well as contemporary windows.

However, that does not mean we will be stopping here!
Our development team will continue the search for new technologies and manufacturing processes.

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