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Inward opening french doors

Inward opening terrace doors, or french doors as they are also called, are great for accessing outside spaces like patios and terraces or for juliet balconies.

The inward opening doors are also great for juliet balconies in high rise buildings.

Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening terrace door

Double inward opening french doors

Idealcombi’s inward opening doors are all available with a secondary door leaf and floating mullion, for great big openings when needed.

The primary door leaf work as any normal door while the secondary leaf is either operated by a handle or a hidden lever, and can be opened after the primary leaf has been opened.

As the doors are opening inward they are great for areas where the outside space is limited.

Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening double terrace door

Idealcombi Futura+i tilt and turn door

Futura+i tilt & turn french door

With Idealcombi Futura+i (i for inward) you will get the tilt-turn or just tilt functionality.

As a very unique feature of Futura+i you will get the same slim 53 mm external aluminium profile as our Futura+ range, thus being able to mix outward opening and inward opening windows and doors without compromising the design of your house.

Futura+i threshold for inward opening patio doors

Idealcombi Frame IC & Nation IC

Nation IC inward opening terrace door

In both Frame IC and Nation IC we can offer a fully glazed inward opening terrace doors, also available with styling bars and both double and triple glazing.

If external key access is required, Frame IC and Nation IC ranges are also available as a fully glazed front door.

Frame IC & Nation IC hardwood threshold for inward opening doors
Frame IC & Nation IC fibre threshold for inward opening doors