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Inward and outward opening flush panel doors

Frame IC / Nation IC flush panel doors are constructed like aluminium panel doors - but with a smooth and beautiful surface! Perfect as a contemporary front door.

The door frames provides a great equal level of securety, comfort and energy savings and the leaf itself consist of a wooden frame, a 0.3 mm aluminium sheet and externally a 4.5 mm HDF board.

The outside has a three layer protective treatment and is smooth and beautiful.
The overall energy performance for Idealcombi flush panel doors is far above expected requirements.

If you wish to personalise your entrance door you can ad a multitude of grove patterns and vision panel in different shapes and sizes.

Hardwood threshold for inward opening front doors
Hardwood threshold for outward opening front doors
Fibre threshold for both in and outward opening front doors
Frame IC flush panel door with vertical grooves
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