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New keys - RUKO 1200 Series

Herts Service offers replacement Ruko 1200 keys cut from the code on your green code key, if you do not have the green code key Herts Service can decode one of your existing keys.
Proof of address and ID will be required to supply the keys.

The code to your keys can be stored on to their secure storage system.
(which is a standalone system not connected to the web and the system does not hold any address or names with the key code)
You would need to supply Herts Service with a password so if you wish to have keys cut send them an email with your password and they will retrieve your code from the storage system and send you the keys.
This will save you the time of supplying proof of address and ID as they would have your details and an allocated code number with your details to retrieve your key code.
There is no extra cost to supply this service.

Tel: 01442 825333