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Your entrance door is welcoming

Actually, entrance doors are no more than access from outside to inside or reverse, but for most home owners, it is much more than that.

Doors and windows are an essential part of the expression of your home, where design, colour and construction provide yourself and your guests with a first impression of your home.

The right door must provide the resident with a feeling of quality and security when arriving home, making it important to spend time choosing the right door.

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Idealcombi entrance doors are supplied in two styles - flush panel doors or aluminium panel doors.
Flush panel doors are flush with the frame and comes with a variety of groove designs and vision panels - to suit the style of your project.
Aluminium panel doors are traditional framed doors with insulated aluminium panels - and are often used as glazed entrance doors.

Secured by Design

Idealcombi Frame IC and Nation IC entrance doors are available as Secured by Design PAS 24:2016 certified for peace of mind on SBD projects.

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All Idealcombi panel doors are produced using low e glass, 3-point closure and security latches, but that is not all.
Espagnolettes are equipped with an extra hook bolt centrally by the lock, making the door highly resistant to burglary.
Roll bolts at the top and bottom provide a higher level of  comfort and user friendliness during operation.
Outward opening doors are now provided with a reinforced PUR insulation core in the frame, providing far better energy performance than traditional wooden doors. The threshold is, as standard, produced in pure composite for all doors, for further energy optimization.
Energy wise, Idealcombi doors are future-proof and with triple glazing, they perform well above the requirements for energy performance.


Doors from Idealcombi are produced around one basic idea: High quality!

Quality and innovation are the keys to everything we do. We are working with quality in the development of innovative windows and doors, from the design to the delivery to the customer.

All the way through the choice and purchase of our products, our customers and home owners must feel sure about their choice - we simply want to produce the best windows and doors on the market.