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Tilt and turn function

Turning the handle, of the Idealcombi Futura+i tilt and turn windows, 90º to a horizontal position allows the window to tilt inward, about 100-150 mm at the top, for ventilation. The clear opening while in tilt position is about 20 mm depending on sash size.

If the handle is turned 180º the turn function is enabled. The turn mode enables the window to operate as a side hung window turning into the room for easy cleaning.

Slim sightlines for tilt and turn windows

Traditionally tilt and turn windows has always been chunky looking – but thanks to Idealcombi’s idealcore™ and our relentless pursuit of the good craftsmanship we can achieve slim sightlines while maintaining outstanding energy performance and aesthetics.

The slim 53 mm sightlines are identical to those of the Futura+ product series – meaning you can mix opening function across your project without compromising on aesthetics.

Where are tilt and turn windows and doors used?

Tilt and turn windows and doors are great in bedrooms and bathrooms as they can provide ventilation for long periods of time when needed. Both in one-off houses and in multi storey buildings like apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.

Where cleaning from the inside is necessary, the turn function makes that job easy.

As Futura+i is made from aluminium | idealcore™ | aluminium – they are great for wet rooms as bathrooms and pool areas. No painted timber being exposed to moisture.


Idealcombi Futura+i door in tilt mode, for a juliet balcony
Idealcombi Futura+i used in a pool area of a retirement home.
Idealcombi Futura+i double inward opening balcony doors
Tilting windows at Great Albert Wharf in London
Idealcombi Futura+ tilt and turn windows at Leon House, Croydon, London
Large juliet balcony with two Futura+i tilt and turn doors and a fixed light in the middle