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Architect Grant Hitchcock-Yoo on inspiration behind the project

The project was born from a request to craft a unique, new-build house. Set on a sloping site, our initial idea set out a split-level home that nestled into the topography more appropriately.

The materials palette for the proposal drew from local influences, with Cotswold stone walling, brick, and timber. The abutment between materials, where Cotswold stone meets timber, was accentuated using a black tone brick to act as a shadow gap between the elements, providing depth, texture, and interest.

The timber cladding itself draws subtle influences from the nearby Rococo Gardens pavilion, which exhibits traditional ‘scalloping’ details. We applied this same detail to end each piece of the timber cladding, providing a locally distinct detail that is referenced in and around the property, such as the bespoke stair detail.

“The overhanging eaves shelter the external terraces allowing the internal spaces to be completely open and integrated with the outdoors”

The underlying aspiration of the proposal was to be spectacular in its experience, but subtle in its delivery. To make it a space that the occupants and guests enjoy interacting with, while the heavy lifting of internal comfort, temperature control, heating and ventilation, etc., are all taken care of in the background.


Architect: StudioCHY

310 sq.m / 2 – storeys
£3,000 – 4,000 p/sq.m