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The contemporary Idealcombi Futura+ goes very well with the old steel windows painted in the matching colours.
As a unique feature this lovely Cotswold home have been fitted with triangular dormer windows with a square Futura+ window at 45°.

Architect Lydia Robinson on choosing Idealcombi as a window supplier

Q: How did you first come across Idealcombi?

A: We’ve used Idealcombi on previous projects stretching back 10 years. Originally we were looking for a window system that provided a clean contemporary look on the exterior whilst having the material qualities of wood windows on the interior. After discovering Idealcombi we felt that their windows were the perfect balance.

Q: What were the deciding factors in selecting Idealcombi as your glazing supplier?

A: First and foremost we have always been impressed with the quality and performance of the windows. The other major factor that drew us to Idealcombi is the clean look that can be achieved when combining different window and door types. With traditional casement windows and sliding doors have sub frames and visual tracks that cause the frames to differ in size or sit out of plane with one-another. With Futura+ all windows look visually the same whether they are fixed, top, side hung or sliding, this gives you lots of flexibility in configuration as well as a really clean look. This was particularly important when designing the triangular dormers at the arts & crafts house as we wanted the diamond operable sections to be very clean.

Q: Were you happy with the end product?

A: The quality is very good and the windows, particularly the triangular ones, are much admired.

Q: Would you use Idealcombi on future projects?

A: Having shown a number of our clients the windows at the Arts & Crafts house, we have another three projects that are in various stages of design in our office where we are specifying Idealcombi windows.

Q: How was the service from Idealcombi? 

A: We wanted to introduce some arts & crafts inspired triangular dormers to the house but were not prepared to go down the traditional approach of using fixed panes as we felt it was important to maintain ventilation. We contacted Idealcombi and although they said they had never done them before, they were enthusiastic to help us find a solution and, after bouncing ideas back and forth with both Idealcombi UK and the headquarters in  Denmark, we worked out an innovative diamond solution. I think it is a good example of a company prepared to go the extra mile on service for their customers.

Q: Would you recommend Idealcombi to Self Builders?

A: As self builders you want to work with companies that take the time to explain their products and provide a high level of service.

Architect: Design Storey

Shortlisted in Design through Innovation at RICS Awards 2018, South West
Shortlisted for Architects Journal Specification Awards 2019