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Quality in all we do

Idealcombi aims to develop and produce the best windows and doors in the market

The basic purpose of a window is to bring light into your home – in the same way as a door provides access between in and out. Both are the foundation of Idealcombi’s existence and every day we aim to develop and produce the highest quality windows and doors. But windows and doors are more than just that.

To be an Idealcombi customer must be easy. Quality is the centre of everything we work with and is the main value we wish associated with our processes, materials, guidance, products and delivery. We want our customers to know us as a trustworthy and equal partner and we do our best to offer the best windows and doors and the best guidance. So simple!

It is Idealcombi’s goal to provide internal and external designs for every building style – a rural farm house or a contemporary design icon. We aim to have a diversity in our products to match any project style.

Comfort and quality of life
Idealcombi’s windows and doors must be user-friendly and generate increased life quality – as our products ensures minimal cold bridging and requires minimal maintenance. A wide selection of window and door functions allow our customers to choose the right product for their needs.
Ventilation positions/night latches ensures proper ventilation in your home while different types of ironmongery provides easy access to cleaning your windows from the inside. And with all Idealcombi products, unwanted visits from burglars are med as difficult at possible to secure you home and your family.

Future generations and the environment
Environmental concerns are rightfully given more focus in our society, legislation and in our conscience. It is important to Idealcombi to minimise the environmental impact for our employees, in the manufacturing of our products and for the generations to come. Idealcombi is ISO 14001 certified and is very focused on ensuring that the production of high quality windows and doors is affecting the environment as little as possible.