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Over the past few years, Idealcombi has been working closely and intensively on the implementation and daily use of Lean.
Lean is a management philosophy designed to create more value for fewer resources by streamlining processes and focusing on customer value. The latest research shows that Lean can be implemented without negative implications for health and safety at work if health and safety conditions are incorporated into the process along the way.


  1. Specify what creates value from the customers’ perspective.
  2. Identify the value chain or value stream that creates the value.
  3. Create flow in the value chain.
  4. Create pull in the value chain based on customer demand.
  5. Pursue perfection through ongoing improvements.

(source: Danish Knowledge Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
Idealcombi’s objective of implementing Lean is to engender a culture where both managers and employees constantly seek smarter ways of organising their work. Lean was initially introduced in production only, but today employees working in administration are also implementing Lean principles, holding weekly board meetings, generating ideas, work plans, new procedures and smarter ways of working.