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Idealcombi A/S was founded in 1973 and is Denmark’s biggest manufacturer of windows and doors made of wood and a combination of wood and aluminium. The company is family-owned, has its head office in Hurup, Denmark, and currently employs a staff of about 600 at locations in Hurup, Copenhagen, Aarhus, London, Dublin and Oslo.
Press officer: COO & CMO Claus Winther

Read the whole story of the family owned company Idealcombi started in 1973


Guidelines and use

The logo is made up of a symbol (frame section) and a logo type (company name, Idealcombi). The two elements may not be moved apart or enlarged or reduced in relation to each other.

Clear space and size

To ensure that Idealcombi’s logo is clear and easily legible, it must have a clear space to other elements around it, corresponding to 1 x the width of the symbol. The minimum height of the logo is 5 mm for the purpose of readability. There is no maximum logo size.


The logo may be positioned horizontally or vertically, but not at other angles.


The logo is used as illustrated in the colours blue and black (respectively Pantone 295C/CMYK 100,60,0,40 and BlackC/CMYK 0,0,0,100). The colours may not be changed, and the logo may not be made transparent. In exceptional cases, the logo may appear only in white (negatively) or only in black.


The logo is sometimes used with the pay/off “Enhancing windows”. The rules are the same as for the logo without the pay-off. But the minimum height is 12 mm to ensure the readability of the pay-off.

If you have any questions about the use of Idealcombi’s logo or need another format, you are welcome to contact the Marketing Department


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