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Villa Hyrsting - Denmark

Windows developed by the Danish North Sea

We believe in quality in everything we do. That is why we keep evolving the window. That is why “That’ll do!” just doesn’t do it at Idealcombi.

On the danish west coast, at the Idealcombi factory, we design, test and manufacture all our windows and doors – a different approach is needed when you are situated in the wettest, coldest and most windy part of Denmark.

The result of several generations window evolution is the introduction of idealcore™ which solves a number of problems found in other composite window systems.

With idealcore™ your windows will last longer, require less maintenance and will keep you and your family nice and warm on even the coldest and most windy of days.

Idealcombi Futura+ Designer Handle

A handle with character and personality

The Idealcombi Futura+ & Futura+i handle is designed by the Danish design duo Smedegarrd & Weis and a lot of thought has gone into this beautiful and unique handle, therefore we needed a handle that reflected our values and attitude towards a high level of quality as well as functional and user-friendly products.

“We feel Idealcombi’s handle is unique and stands apart by being more poetic and decorative than what you see on other windows. It is also industrial, functional and has a rugged high-quality expression. The handle’s stringent yet soft form gives it character without being dominating. The balance between its stringent, industrial side and soft nature, fitting humans hands in a range of sizes, is the handle’s clear strength.” – Birgitte Smedegaard & Sine Weis Damkjær

Innovative windows for a sustainable future

Latest CE markings and Declarations of Performance

Find all current CE markings and Declarations of Performance for Idealcombi windows and doors