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Our window systems

The Idealcombi range of windows and doors includes both contemporary windows and traditional windows, as well as front doorsterrace doors and sliding doors.

Our new window panes for Idealcombi Futura+ increases thermal performance and lowers the average U-value from 0.87 to 0.74 W/m2K.

With the average UK home losing 25%-30% of its heat through the windows, installing energy-efficient windows can help to lower your energy bills while also making your home a much more comfortable place to live.

Join us at the exhibitions throughout UK!

We are thrilled to invite you to our latest exhibition, showcasing cutting-edge products and groundbreaking ideas. As a token of our appreciation for you, we are offering free tickets to all of our exhibitions. Additionally, we understand your eagerness to stay ahead of the curve, so we are also providing the option to pre-book tickets for any upcoming events!

Our products database

Visit our showroom

Seeing a product online may not always provide the best representation of what it will be like in real life, particularly when it comes to windows and doors. Our showroom allows you to touch, see, and feel the quality of our full range of products for yourself.

Visit our showroom to learn about the various materials and finishes used, distinguish between different frame lines, and see the newest trends and features. Seeing the products in person can give you a greater understanding of the colours, sizes, materials, functions, combinations of products, and overall appearance and feel of the windows and doors.

Hurup Thy - Denmark

Windows developed by the Danish North Sea

We believe in quality in everything we do. That is why we keep evolving the window. That is why “That’ll do!” just doesn’t do it at Idealcombi.

On the danish west coast, at the Idealcombi factory, we design, test and manufacture all our windows and doors – a different approach is needed when you are situated in the wettest, coldest and most windy part of Denmark.

The result of several generations window evolution is the introduction of idealcore™ which solves a number of problems found in other composite window systems.

With idealcore™ your windows will last longer, require less maintenance and will keep you and your family nice and warm on even the coldest and most windy of days.

Innovative windows for a sustainable future

Fill in the quotation form and attach any drawings or plans you might have to help our team provide an accurate quote.

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Latest CE Markings and Declarations of Performance

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Latest UKCA Markings and Declarations of Performance

Find all current UKCA markings and Declarations of Performance for Idealcombi windows and doors