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Holm Huse(Holm Houses) build true low energy houses that will, straight out of the box, exceed the Danish building regulations for 2020. The whole concept is build around quality materials with a focus of minimal to no maintenance. 

To meet the strictest version of the future Danish building regulations Holm Houses exclusively fit triple glazed Idealcombi Futura+i windows in their factory in Holstebro, Denmark.
The 2020 building regulations are very close to the PassivHaus standard – which also means PassivHaus certification has never really caught on in Denmark.


12 week from planning permission to finished project

When Svend Holm started prefabricating new houses 1971 the elements were in smaller sections – they were shipped out from the factory and assembled on site. Today Holm Houses are manufacturing whole walls in the factory, fitted with windows and everything else – ready to be put up.

When a house has been manufactured, it is transported to site on lorries – one with the walls and one with the roof. This enables Holm Houses to have a watertight construction in a single day ready for the roof materials. All installations are done in the factory and only tiles and paint needs to be done on site.
The whole prefab concept give a higher quality of the finished house and minimises the construction time.


Windows with great energy performance

”At Holm Houses we exclusively use Idealcombi windows as they are the only ones that meet our strict requirements in term of quality, energy performance and design aesthetics” 
Says Lars Holm Pedersen, CEO, Holm Huse

Holm Houses use the Futura+i product range in their houses – Futura+ is Idealcombi’s contemporary and minimalist window system with slim 53 mm sightlines across inward and outward opening windows, letting in more daylight.

Futura+ has set the industry standard for the energy windows and doors of the future. With slim aluminium profiles and large glass areas the system is suitable for any build where clean lines are required along with great thermal performance.
Using the inward opening Futura+i Holm Houses are able to meet their own strict requirements in term of quality, energy performance, aesthetics and functionality. The inward opening windows allows the use of external sliding shutters to provide shade form the sun on warm sunny days.

Photo: Holm Huse