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From 'Ideal Window' to 'Ideal Combi'

It is with great pleasure and pride that the window factory Idealcombi on May 1, 2023 can look back on 50 years as a Danish family-owned company. A lot has changed since the very beginning in the parents' barn in Ørum, Thy, where the brothers Bent and Henning Søgaard founded the company in 1973. Today, the sons, the two cousins Martin and Michael, are at the helm, and the barn has been replaced with the more than 100,000 m² production factory in Hurup, which is supported by various sales offices in Denmark and abroad.

However, the mission and values have not been tampered with.

Entrepreneurial and visionary approach has created results

About 95% of Idealcombi's workplaces are located in Denmark, and the family has a clear and indisputable mission to continue to maintain the company's production and jobs in Denmark – and especially locally in Hurup, Thy. "At a time when many companies are moving production abroad, we have always seen it as a strength to be anchored in the Jutland soil," states Idealcombi's owner, Martin Søgaard. The fact that production is gathered under one and the same roof ensures ownership of all processes, while supporting production Denmark.

The employees – the heart of the company

One of the most important prerequisites for the development and quality assurance of Idealcombi's products, in addition to using one of Europe's most high-tech production facilities, is undoubtedly our skilled and dedicated employees. And there are many of them.

Over the years, there have been many 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th anniversaries, even 40th anniversaries! With several of the Queen's awarded medals of merit. You can only be humbled, happy and proud of that as a company.

Breakthrough innovation and green foresight

Ever since the beginning, Idealcombi has wanted to create the best quality window on the market. Innovation and quality are absolutely essential in our DNA. We consistently strive to be first when it comes to developing windows and doors for today's and tomorrow's needs.

We see ourselves as a standard-bearer for the development of windows, and have a desire to set the agenda as the beacon for the windows of the future in Europe.

As owner Mikael Søgaard usually says "We want to be the best, not necessarily the biggest". That is why we constantly strive to improve and develop. Whether it is durability, maintenance, design through new materials or new production methods, we always try to innovate and streamline, and always with the green transition in mind. We work intensely and purposefully with many large and small contributions to a future green society, where our windows should be seen as the ideal choice.


The stage is set for a blast of a celebration that extends over several days. The big celebration takes place on May 13, where more than 1,000 guests are invited to a party at the factory in Hurup. The menu is composed by the gourmet restaurant, Hotel Thinggården, and the entertainment is provided by Jonah Blacksmith and local band Kandis.