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Tim and Sue from BBC Two’s The House That £100K Built has created a fantastic Somerset farm house with many creative solutions and a very high level of attention to detail.

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Watch the episode on BBC iPlayer until 21st April 2017 >>

Here are a few screen shots from the BBC Two show:

We are happy to see how the Idealcombi Futura+ windows work perfectly with the DIY black painted glass panels.

The large fixed lights and large low threshold sliding doors provide fantastic views over the landscape and lighten up the interior of the house.

The slim 53mm aluminium profiles of the Idealcombi Futura+ range means you get all of the view while still being very thermal efficient. (U-values from 0.74 W/m2K)

Letting the reclaimed scaffolding board floor meet the window frame creates the illusion of having frame-less floor to ceiling windows.