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With the average UK home losing 25%-30% of its heat through the windows, installing energy-efficient windows can help to lower your energy bills while also making your home a much more comfortable place to live.

Fitting your new build home with energy windows is being increasingly important – whether you are building a PassivHaus certified home or an eco-home with all the same technologies, you want an airtight building envelope and airtight energy-efficient windows.

Our range of bespoke windows available is designed to satisfy the demands of our diverse customer base. From architects and specifiers to builders and property developers, we would be delighted to supply bespoke window solutions to meet the most demanding of technical and aesthetic requirements of individual projects.

Windows from Idealcombi are Danish designed, tested & manufactured to give you excellent air-tightness and great insulation. Going with Idealcombi triple-glazed windows will give you even better energy efficiency with u-values of 0.74 W/m²K based on an average 1230x1480mm window size and as low as 0.59 W/m²K for a large fixed light.

Our goal is to be a leader in exemplar sustainable homes with Idealcombi able to deliver the Innovation of the future, today – for businesses & homes.

Idealcombi’s Vision has evolved into a clear and unifying purpose which reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental, social and governance matters.

“To be one of the most trusted for achieving great thermal performances within the window industry, creating exceptional homes and sustainable communities”James Hutchins, Managing Director, at Idealcombi UK Ltd.

Idealcore for better thermal performance

At Idealcombi we have developed the window of the future, using materials with superior thermal properties. Our Idealcore™ has twice the thermal efficiency of traditional composite materials and timber, along with a number of other benefits.

By using the water-resistant Idealcore™ in the “wet zone” of our windows we have eliminated drainage holes and cavities, and improved ease of maintenance and thermal performance.

The window system of the future

Want PassivHaus certified windows?

You do not need to choose certified PassivHaus windows to achieve a passive house certified build – as long as you meet the required performance values you are good to go.

If you are aiming for a PassivHaus certified build – Idealcombi can supply all the necessary values to get your project certified. We will even work directly with your passive house consultant to ensure a great result.

Choosing PassivHaus windows

Idealcombi windows and doors are popular among self-builders pursuing an energy efficient home. Especially the relatively new outward opening Futura+ with triple glazing is a popular choice along with the contemporary Futura+i triple glazed inward opening windows as seen in The Old Water Tower project.

All three window systems have one thing in common – sealant can be applied to the front of the frame, allowing for a very airtight seal.