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Idealcombi has secured the window package for a 183 unit residential project in central Manchester’s Northern Quarters.
SYNQ – Tib Street is an exciting top-level development by the Tib Street joint venture will occupy one of the few remaining unoccupied sites in the Northern Quarter.

The Manchester Site
The site, previously used as a surface level car park, will be redeveloped into 183 apartments over 9 storeys with four ground floor commercial units and rooftop gardens. The building footprint maximises the use of the site, and has a shape like the former car park, however stepped back from the pavement to leave room for street trees. This will create a green gateway from Picadilly to the Northern Quarters. The top floor penthouse apartments are stepped further back, thereby reducing the visual obstruction of the top floor against the sky.

Window performance
The Idealcombi full height dark grey windows are stepped a further 225mm back into a typical red Manchester sandstone reveal. The staggered vertical joints reflect a contemporary interpretation of the regular grid facades of the adjacent buildings. Idealcombi is providing a mixture of Side hung inward opening full height ventilation units combined with matching slim line fixed lights, sliding doors and an overhead louvre solution for extract ventilation. The project requires windows to perform to extensive acoustic performance criteria’s in combination with high levels of solar control on exposed elevations. The combination of different performance levels were a challenge, however working with the IDP Group and Herbert T. Forrest Ltd design teams made it possible to do a tailored solution for the individual approx. 1900 window elements (approx. 3000 m2) in the Idealcombi  Futura+ and Futura+i ranges.

The architect is IDP Group Architects, based in the Northern Quarter just opposite the site, and will from their offices be able to see the window deliveries start arriving early July, with expected last deliveries mid October 2018.

We look forward to seeing the building take shape.