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Energy efficient windows

Idealcombi has launched their next generation of traditional casement windows and doors – “Frame IC” & “Nation IC”. The new generation now includes the use of PUR(polyurethane) as imperishable thermal insulation. The use of PUR has been proven very efficient in terms of insulation, durability and easy maintenance. By implementing PUR Idealcombi has brought the U-value of a traditional triple glazed casement window down to as low as 0.77.

Window availability

The products were launched last year in Denmark and are now ready for the British markets and can be used for everything from new build houses, passive houses, extensions, conversions, large scale residential and commercial building projects.
Idealcombi Frame IC & Nation IC are available to order now for the UK market with Secured by Design tests and certifications currently being carried out and completed after the summer.

PURe innovation

Idealcombi first used PUR in the Futura+ product series back in 2010 and it was an immediate success in the construction industry. Following on from this success Idealcombi has now evolved the traditional casement window to also benefit from the PUR.
Make sure you take your next building project to the forefront of the evolution and use the latest of window technology.

Idealcombi is ready to guide you through the selection of the right product for your project.

Learn all about the new Frame IC & Nation IC windows