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Why does Idealcombi offer survey & installation?

Our research has shown that for self-builders, buying their windows is one of the most stressful parts of the project. After collecting feedback from our customers over the last 2 years, we discovered that our customers wanted a one-stop service for the supply and the installation of their windows and doors.

Idealcomib’s mission is to make buying windows a stress-free experience for our customers. With Idealcombi’s service and install service, you can rest assured that your windows will fit perfectly within their openings and will be installed according to Idealcombi’s installation standards. This will improve the functionality of the windows & doors, reduce user maintenance over time and avoid out of warranty repairs.

What does the survey/install service include?

The Idealcombi survey includes a visit from our experienced surveyor who will measure all openings and liaise with you and/or your builder to calculate all the necessary deductions to ensure your windows and doors will fit perfectly.

Idealcombi’s installation service includes all necessary labour and materials required to install, fix and seal your windows into their respective openings. We will also consult with either You or your Builder in order to determine access requirements or requirements for any lifting equipment to ensure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Once your windows are installed, Idealcombi can also measure and provide a quotation to fabricate and install aluminium drip cills on your project.
The full terms and conditions can be found on your installation quotation.

What are the advantages of using Idealcombi’s Survey & Install Service?

  • The peace of mind that your windows will fit correctly.
  • Assurance that your windows have been installed to Idealcombi’s installation standard.
  • Idealcombi can be on site to meet your delivery and supervise the offloading of your goods.
  • Supply, Survey and Install can all go through a single party.
  • Supply and Fit customers do not need to claim the VAT back at the end of their project. Idealcombi can price the supply and fit as ex-VAT.

How does the process work?

If you are interested in our supply and fit service, please speak to one of our sales coordinators.

Your sales coordinator can add a site survey to your current quotation and can also provide you with an installation quotation.

If you decide to place an order with Idealcombi, your project coordinator will then book in your site survey with our surveyor.

Once the surveyor has visited site, he sends the frame sizes directly to Idealcombi who then apply the correct sizes to all items on your project.

Once your goods are in production, you’ll hear from our installation team about 4 weeks before delivery to go through any access or lifting requirements with either yourself or your builder.

We will then meet your delivery on site on the day of delivery and begin installing your windows straight away.

Once the installation is completed and the windows are in their openings, we can then measure for aluminium drip cills if required. These cills are then quoted by our office.

Idealcombi can then return to fit the cills and apply the final sealant underneath the cill and complete the final handover of the project.

Nick Brigham

Domestic Business Development Coordinator +44 1582 869 012

Tom Kovacs

Domestic Business Development Coordinator +44 1582 869 016

Andrew Gregg

Domestic Service & Installations Coordinator +44 01582 869 018

Survey prices based on UK postcode

Mid & East England: £1000

For postcodes starting with:
AL, B, BA, BH, BN, BR, BS, CB, CM, CO, CR, CT, CV, DA, DT, E, EC, EN, GL, GU, HA, HP, IG, IP, KT, LE, LU, ME, MK, N, NN, NR, NW, OX, PE, PO, RG, RH, RM, SE, SG, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SS, SW, TA, TN, TW, UB, W, WC, WD, WR, WV.

The North, Wales & South West: £1400

For postcodes starting with:
BB, BD, BL, CA, CF, CH, CW, DE, DH, DL, DN, DY, EX, FY, HD, HG, HR, HU, HX, L, LA, LD, LL, LN, LS, M, NE, NG, NP, OL, PL, PR, S, SA, SK, ST, SY, TF, TQ, TR, TS, WA, WF, WN, WV, YO.

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