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The Challange
The architects, Collado Collins, had the challenging task of converting an existing uninsulated monolithic concrete, 22 storey building from 1970, known as Leon House, into a thermally compliant residential block comprising of 263 apartments.

One of the big challenges they faced was with the fenestration as there were a lot of requirements that had to be met. These requirements ranged from incorporating a slim-line narrow louvre system into the head for the ventilation strategy for the building, to high acoustic performance due to the location of the building being in the centre of Croydon facing the busy high street and the noise of the traffic.

Other challenges included lifetime home requirements, thermal performance & solar gain while keeping the visual appearance with slim profiles that the architects wanted.

Idealcombi were called in to look at how these challenges could be brought together while maintaining the architect’s aesthetics for this conversion.

The window
It was clear from the beginning that Idealcombi had the product to meet the challenges using their Idealcombi Futura+i inward opening, tilt and turn window system.
The slim 53 mm sight-lines of the system gave the architects the narrow profiles they were looking for, allowing more light into the apartments than any other inward opening system.
The inherent warm properties of the Futura+i system meant they met the thermal requirements and using Pilkington Suncool 66/33 they were able to meet their target G-value.

In respect to acoustics the worst condition that had to be met on the lower floors facing Croydon High Street was RW 43dB and Idealcombi achieved this by using a double glazed unit comprising of 8 mm outer pane, 26 mm argon cavity and 10.8 mm acoustic laminate.

The integrated louvre
The most difficult challenge to Idealcombi was to solve the slim-line narrow louvre requirement to the head of the windows. The height of the louvres had to be no more than 150 mm. It was important to both the architect and contractor that these louvres were connected to the windows in the factory so that a good weatherproof joint could be formed.
Idealcombi were able to incorporate this by using the Renson 411ZF louvre sealing to the head of the window before transporting to site.

The Futura+i window system on this project has a tilt and turn window over a fixed light window, all with equal sight-lines. From the outside you cannot tell the difference between opening and fixed light. The system allows safe cleaning of the external face of the glass and also means all re-glazing can be carried out safely from inside the building.

Handle height
On the Futura+i tilt and turn windows, Idealcombi is able to fit the operating handle 290 mm up from the underside of the opening window, meaning that it conforms to the lifetime home requirements.

The exterior colour the architect wanted of IGP Dura xal 4201E was used giving the frames a bronze colour and internally RAL9010 white was used.

Living at Leon House
To see the availability of apartments and to leatn more about Leon House Croydon go to

The result
The final result of the renovation project is truly impressive. Contemporary modern living spaces in a building from 1970.
At Idealcombi we are proud to have been part of this great renovation project and are really pleased to see how the old building is now presented.


WhatHouse? Awards 2019: Bronze Prize