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What you'll need to know when ordering windows & doors

We understand there is a lot of questions to be answered when ordering windows and doors for your home. And if it is your first time it can be a little daunting.

We want to make the window ordering process as easy as possible for all customers be they award-winning artchitects, experienced contractors or first time housebuilders.

That is why we are always doing our best to help customers understand what they are going into. We are also continuously working on simplifying the ordering process.

Getting the quote

If you haven’t already, get a free quote for your project.
You will be required to answer a few questions and have the option to upload your drawings.

We will then get in touch to get the quote finalised.

When the quote is accepted, your designated project coordinator will take over.

Your 1st Draft Email

After the Project Coordinator’s introduction email, the next piece of correspondence you will receive, will be what we call your ‘1st Draft Email’.
This email accompanies the ‘1st Draft’ of your Idealcombi order as it currently stands which will be iterated upon as more details are confirmed.

The email which accompanies this is a written summary of the details on the order. It covers everything from the sizes of the frames, to colours and handings. If you see anything you don’t think is right, or that you’re not sure of, just let us know!

The first draft is split up into discreet sections, each covering a different aspect of your window order.

We are here to help

At Idealcombi we believe the process of ordering windows should be as smooth as possible, that’s why we are clarifying a few subjects below.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

General questions you might already have the answer for

Understanding your first draft email!

As the first draft email contains all the information regarding your project, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

Below are a number of pages to help you understand the different terms and concept used in the first draft email and in the order itself.

Window sizes/Tolerances

Going forward you will hear about tolerances a fair bit. Tolerances is the allowance we use between your external finish and the window or door.
Learn more about tolerances ->

External wall finish

Brick, render or cladding?
What type of external finish your project will be using.

Learn more about external finishes ->

Window cills

A window sill allows water to drain away from the window and building structure. Consider whether you require an aluminium cill pressings or a more traditional cill.
Learn more about window cills ->

Finished floor level

Many customers desire a flush internal floor finish. Not a problem, so we can achieve this we’ll need to know your Finished Floor Build up.

Learn more about floor levels ->

Escape windows

All habitable rooms in one or two-story buildings must have an escape window in case of a fire. We’ll work with you to make sure your windows and doors comply.

Learn more about escape windows ->

Suited keys

Fed up of fumbling through different keys to open your garage, patio door or front door? Suited keys mean you can have just one key for all your access doors.
Learn more about suited keys ->

Handles on terrace door

Door thresholds

Which type of threshold do you need for your build?
Low threshold or hard wood thresholds?

Learn more about door thresholds ->

Terrace doors opening 90°