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Aluminium Drip Cills

Windows will require a cill of some kind in order to divert water away from the windows to eliminate the risk of water getting into the property through the window. Without a cill, water can pool at the bottom of the window and then be driven through the window by strong winds.

Typically, an aluminium drip cill will be fitted underneath the window. This cill is fabricated by others and are not typically included on Idealcombi quotations. So please keep in mind that the costs of cills will need to be factored into the cost of your overall project or your window budget.

We recommend waiting until the windows are installed and all external finishes (like render or timber cladding) are finished before you measure for your cills.

What Idealcombi do provide is an 18mm timber packer which is factory-fitted to the frame in order for a cill to be fixed into after the window is installed.

If the window is to be sat upon an existing stone cill or brick cill then an aluminium cill will not be necessary.