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Did you know that Idealcombi has own test facilities in Denmark?

Idealcombi has always had great focus on ensuring high quality and testing our products. The investment in a new test facility has improved our testing and ensures we continuously meets and even exceeds the high demands from building regulations and technical test on construction sites.
Our own tests do not replace impartial bodies accredited tests. We are continuously testing in our product development to ensure the right construction for the final certification.
We are conducting various tests of wind-, water- and air-tightness in order to make sure our products can resist the tough Danish climate and live up to the demands this places.
Our products are also tested for mechanical strength by opening and closing tests where windows and doors are put through their paces to measure wear, durability and safety properties.

We are not only testing in product development, but also conducting ongoing control tests from our production to ensure absolute top quality of our final products.

The test facilities mean Idealcombi always has an optimised product range and it has great value for the innovation and development of new products. This means we are always at the forefront of the development in doors and windows.

Learn more about our Futura+ and Futura+i products that enables you to mix inwards and outwards opening windows without compromising your desire for design details.