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On Wednesday afternoon a filter plant was found on fire at the window factory in Denmark

A quick and efficient effort meant that the fire could be limited to the filter plant itself and a smaller part of the factory building itself.

The fire caused damage to all power supplies to the production facility, but due to the fire-retardant cell structures of the filter plant and a very fast and efficient effort from employees, emergency services and our faithfully affiliated craft suppliers from the community in Hurup, the damage could be limited.

35 firefighters from several stations participated in the fire fighting in Hurup, and they received assistance from the police and the Emergency Services from North Jutland.

Our faithful suppliers have thrown everything they had in their hands and worked throughout the night to help us quickly re-establish our production facilities so we can get up and running again.

We have in parallel initiated an “emergency production” which means we strongly believe that we can undergo this terrible experience without affecting our customers and deliveries.

Most importantly to our customers is that the episode, due to effective efforts from all sides, is not expected to affect our delivery of windows and doors.


From Danish news station TVMV

On Wednesday afternoon, a fire was found in a chip silo at the window factory Idealcombi at Nørre Alle in Hurup.

The message arrived at 15:21, and since then, the fire department and police have been massively present. Due to heavy smoke development, the police earlier called to seek away from the smoke or walk indoors. Now the fire is so much under control that there is no longer any danger of moving outside.

“We have saved the surrounding buildings, so right now we are pursuing aftermath in the silo itself,” says Rasmus Ewaldsen, deputy head of Nordjyllands Fire and Rescue.

The last few hours 14 men from North Jutland’s emergency services and 19 firemen from the Nordjylland Fire & Rescue have worked har to quench the fire. A fire they have had to deal with with caution.

– As soon as you open the doors, swirled wood dust gets into the air. As there is a glow in it, you can risk explosions in the silo itself. That’s why it takes a lot of time and you have to be very careful when opening, says Rasmus Ewaldsen, deputy leader.

Dust explosion started the fire

At first there was uncertainty about how the fire had occurred. Now it turns out that there was a dust explosion inside the plant that started the fire.

“It can happen with just a small spark, so it’s an unfortunate accident, and the police have also closed the case,” says Martin Søgaard, CFO of Idealcombi.

The fire is under control and they are now going to try to determine whether it has delayed the production of doors and windows.

– Ventilation in the factory is affected by the fire, so we are working on how we can create a temporary suction. We have people working on it all night and tomorrow, says Martin Søgaard.