Elegant, innovative and
inward opening windows


  • Made of Aluminium|PUR|Aluminium
  • Slim 53mm aluminium profiles ensure maximum glass area and natural light
  • Highly insulated with optimum energy efficiency
  • Double or triple glazed options

Idealcombi have integrated a high-insulating PUR (polyurethane) core between the inside and outside aluminium profiles which gives the windows and doors groundbreaking performance in terms of insulation & energy performance. The unique PUR core ensures maintenance free surfaces between the windows interior & exterior aluminium profiles and thus a longer lifetime and total economy of the the windows. The innovative thinking behind the design places strong focus on the environment, reducing energy consumption resulting in economic savings.

  • Maintenance free surfaces
  • Smooth and elegant external aluminium profile
  • Highly insulating PUR core between outside and inside to reduce any thermal bridge and heat loss
  • Integrated security package
  • 10 year warranty
  • Uniform design regardless of functionality
  • Awarded Best Windows 2016 at Build It Awards
Idealcombi Futura+ Best Window 2016

Futura+i inward opening range of Futura+

The Futura+i product series offers a unique choice of profiles to produce a sleek, elegant window system ensuring maximum glass areas and natural light. This innovative design aids functionality & aesthetics to give a modern contemporary look, meeting the requirements for state of the art building design.

Futura+i is an inward opening series via a tilt/turn function, which uniquely has the same 53mm sightlines as Futura+. The two series offer a complete host of design possibilities in both new buildings and renovation schemes.

Technical details & opening functions

For all technical details, drawings and opening functions of our windows and doors visit our product database.
The Idealcombi Futura+i is available with the following functions:

  • Tilt window
  • Tilt-turn window
  • Fixed light window
  • Tilt-turn terrace door


We have prepared a collection of key information about our products in product data sheets that give you a quick overview.

NBS specifications in PDF format.

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